Entry regulations

Entry regulations

Most visitors to Thailand are granted a visa on arrival. Those who arrive at the airport and hail from countries such as the UK, the USA and Australia will receive a 30-day visa free of charge, while 14-day visas are available to travelers from other nations.

In addition, visitors of many nations may receive a complimentary 15-day visa when they travel overland from one of the countries that share a border with Thailand, namely Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia or Myanmar. Making a border run is a popular way to extend tourist visas, although tightening regulations are making this a less viable option these days. It is also possible to extend your visa at the nearest immigration office in Thailand for 10 days by paying a fee of 1,900 baht.

Those who wish to visit Thailand for longer than this allotted period should obtain a visa in advance from their local Thai embassy, which can be done within a day for a small fee. Standard tourist visas are usually available for 60 days, while multiple-entry tourist visas are also available.

Passports need to be valid for six months or more with at least three spare pages upon entering Thailand. Those who wish to work here must first receive a job offer before applying for the necessary work permit, which can be time consuming.

Visitors to Thailand should check the expiry date on their visa carefully, as the fee for overstaying is 500 baht per day up to a cost of 20,000 baht. Those who overstay regularly are likely to earn a black mark against their name and may even be refused entry to Thailand on their next visit.

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