Thailand has a well-developed infrastructure and a free-enterprise economy that boasts a number of strong export industries, including textiles and footwear, rice, rubber, fishery products, jeweler, automobiles, computers and electrical appliances.

Thailand’s economic heyday was between 2000 and 2008, and during this time the economy experienced average growth of around four percent a year. Despite suffering a major setback during the Asian financial crises that hit in 1997 and 1998, business is booming here once more.

Anti-government protests between March and May 2010 had minimal impact on the economy of Thailand, hitting the tourism industry in particular. However, despite this, Thailand’s economy expanded by nearly eight percent in 2010, which is the fastest rate that the country has seen since 1995.

Exports are at an all time high here, while the amount of goods that the country imports is comparatively low. Thailand’s economy is expected to experience high grow over the next decade.

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